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, thought go to work, right? we live in an environment where job security is such you will do anything to deal with that. what i was trying to say before, governor, the idea that the business. so a city that thrives on business it is a big economic question. >> no question. there are programs. small business programs, disaster assistance programs, and we will be declared a disaster area and that provides if federal funding not just to replace infrastructure or homes that are damaged where it is appropriate but to help businesses get back on their feed and it is a terrible economic hit but what is important is to make sure people are safe and out of harm's way. i saw your correspondent in he bicycle, what he is saying is very important, if you are okay, check on a neighbor if you can safely. see if they are okay. people helping people, do not figure it is just going to be the government that takes care of your neighbor. is what we do and what we do very well. >>neil: there has been a dust up in the republican party of chris christie having the republican over, and he argued you take hel
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)